How to Share Things Online With Your Neighbors?

Have you ever thought about share things online with your neighbors? Well, sharing food and non-food things online along with your neighbors can make your bonding stronger with them. If we talk about our daily routine, we may waste so much food which is not a good act. If you are not willing to eat so much food, then you can donate it or give it to the needy poor people.

Share Food or Non-Food with Neighbors and needy people with Dansal App
Share Food or Non-Food with Dansal App

You can also share it with your neighbors through the “DANSAL”. Here we are going to tell you about a great platform that can help you to share both food and non-food items with your neighbors or friends. So let’s continue the reading to know more interesting facts about things to share online.

What Is DANSAL All About?

DANSAL is the best platform that connects you with the neighbors and different local business sectors so that enough amount of food can be shared. You don’t have to throw away the food, and the menu will equally be divided into your neighbors who need it. DANSAL is favorable to be used in both the food and non-food items. Food items can be of any category such as homegrown vegetables or the grocery food items or even a piece of bread bought from the bakery. 

Benefits of Sharing Your Food

Food is a connection between two people. Imagine feeding poor men sitting at one side of the road, and the smile that comes on his face after looking at the food is priceless. The same is the case with the neighbors! Sharing food with the neighbors creates a feeling of love, affection, and care with one another. There are so many more benefits which you can get by sharing food or to share things online with neighbors. Let’s check out below:

Makes Them Part of Your Family
Help your family
Helping Other Matters

One of the most significant benefits to share stuff online with your neighbors is that it makes them feel as if you are part of their family. You get a chance to arrange a get together with them. Sharing food regularly with your neighbors becomes your favorite hobby. Therefore this is the best way where you can share an affectionate attachment with them through the channel of food items. Also, they will show new respect towards you, and you can work much more easily with them.

Increases Productivity

Making a habit of eating together builds the course of trust with the neighbors even in the subconscious manner. However it is an interesting fact to note down that just by sitting down and having a meal of lunch will build your morale stronger, and the productivity will be increased too. This even helps the two people to know about each other even more and eventually make them feel extra welcoming and comfortable.

It Raises Morale Level 

Sometimes when you are living in high society, it becomes difficult for you to build a moral level. If you want to slow down the whole environment, it is better to introduce something calm and let the people get a feeling of being into the home. So this is the best way to get into real and robust bonding with the people no matter whether they are working with you or living in your neighbors.

Sharing Food Builds Trust

Well lastly, dining together and sharing the same food build a feeling of trust! Generally sharing, the same plate food gives the other person with a feeling that the food is entirely safe and you can eat it as well. In brief are you ready to share it with your neighbors?

How Can You Share Food Online with DANSAL?

Snap a picture of your food
Take a snap of what need to be shared.
  • To share items online with DANSAL, you can add items in the DANSAL. Also, you can snap the picture and set your location of pickup. In other words, this can be your home, or your office or even some safe destination.
  • Now you have to select the person with whom you want to share the food. You will be getting the notification when you have the request. You need to check the profile of the user all along with the verification or the star rating.
  • Finally, in the end, you can share things you want with your friends! This is so amazing.

How to Request Food online with DANSAL?

  • If you want to order you will be getting the complete notification as soon as new things are added upon. You can check out where they are, and you can also view the user profile.
  • You can, later on, send with some friendly message requesting on top of the listing.
  • Lastly can do the sharing at some fantastic place and at the right time.
Importance of Food Wastage Reduction

You might be wasting so much food, but you probably have no idea that food wastage is creating how many bad impacts around the world. The wastage of food is showing an adverse impact on the packaging, food manufacturing and even on the shipping industries too.

Pollution From Food Waste
Land Pollution happens from the wastage.

Furthermore, many of us have a habit of wasting food almost on daily basis. Accordingly wasting food items can bring some harmful effects on human health and even on the environment. Also reducing the wastage of food items can bring a positive impact on the climate in terms of controlling air and land pollution. In China, scientists have been making some hard efforts to control the food wastage amount in their country and recycling them into something healthy and productive for the environment.  They are already making plans where they can incorporate more methods that can save the food items and later on, they can use it for some beneficial purposes. It can bring different air pollution issues as the food gets wasted in lakes, oceans or rivers in large quantities.

Food Wastage in Different Countries

One of the Scandinavian countries, Denmark, is recognized to have one of the most beautiful place with services of healthcare, transportation, and so many more. The darker is likely less known to the world. Reports disclose that people of this country waste extra amounts of packed and unpacked meal items or the drinks. Also, estimates declare that around 660 kilograms of food per person is wasted right here, most of which is generated from restaurants, cafes, catering facilities, and houses. Many cognizance applications in Denmark have initiated this already. Hence, none of them gave positive results.

The Netherlands is another major country that wastes meals the most. The Dutch financial system wastes as a great deal as 610 kilograms of meals per character per annum. A series of food saving initiatives have been initiated in the Netherlands that is all intending to carry some fruitful results. Wastage of food in Germany no longer includes junk food; however, a massive quantity of veggies and fruits as well. People in Germany throw away a significant amount of precious vegetables and fruits annually. As a result, about 20 million heaps of food is being wasted in Germany every year, with a common of 540 kilograms being consumed per person. As per the facts, each man or woman in Malaysia is stated to be consuming 540-560 kilograms of food per year.

Harmful Effects of Food Wastage to Health and Environment 

According to the latest survey, most uneaten food ends up in the dump. When meal waste decomposes in a landfill without oxygen, this creates an anaerobic sequence that produces the methane. This is about 20 instances more detrimental to the atmosphere than carbon dioxide. This, in flip, contributes to the destruction of the ozone layer, which can lead to higher temperatures around the globe.

Another dangerous effect of meals being dumped into landfills is the quantity of groundwater pollution it creates. When it rains on landfills, the water lets in for toxic chemicals, such as ammonia, to develop. These chemical compounds can leach into consuming water supplies. This will be killing the residing organisms that inhabit these environments. Pollution happens in both groundwater and floor water when it comes to distance from a landfill.

Moreover, 25% of all freshwater in the United States is used to cultivate food that is just going to be thrown away. A pound of wheat flour, for example, incorporates 12% water, apples comprise 81% water, while meat wants 8 to 10 instances more water as compared to wheat flour. A single burger takes up 660 gallons of water to be produced. From the enormous quantities of water being used in meals that we consume every day, correspondingly massive amounts of water are being wasted from the food we throw out.

Final Verdict
Use Dansal app Save our planet from waste. Share things Online for Free.
Save our planet from waste

Well, a feasible solution to food waste is permitting the federal authorities to provide tax advantages to groups that are actively donating food. Moreover, according to the latest report, up to $750 million of extra annual federal tax deductions must be funded to gain 380,000 lots of additional donations such as $620 million in incentives to farms would yield an extra 525 million donated meals. Whereas $130 million is provided to eating places and shops that will generate 115 million ingredients annually! Sharing food online with your friends or with the neighbors creates a feeling of love, affection, and care with one another. In summary, if you want to make your bonding and relationship stronger with your neighbors, the best solution will be to share your things online with others and make them part of your meals.

Be the part of DANSAL food sharing idea right now and bring a smile on your neighbor’s face!