Dansal Free Food and non-food share

What Is DANSAL All About?


DANSAL is the best platform that connects you with the neighbors and different local business sectors so that enough amount of food can be shared. Dansal app helps to share free food or non-food among its users. You don’t have to throw away the food, and the menu will equally be divided into your neighbors who need it. DANSAL is favorable to be used in both the food and non-food items. Food items can be of any category such as homegrown vegetables or the grocery food items or even a piece of bread bought from the bakery. 

Dansal Sharing Food or Non food for free online
Help to share things with others online for free with dansal app


How Can You Share Food with DANSAL Free?



  • To share items online with DANSAL, you can add items in the DANSAL. Also, you can snap the picture and set your location of pickup. In other words, this can be your home, or your office or even some safe destination.
  • Now you have to select the person with whom you want to share the food. You will be getting the notification when you have the request. You need to check the profile of the user all along with the verification or the star rating.
  • Finally, in the end, you can share things online you want with your friends! This is so amazing.



How to Request Free Food with DANSAL?



  • If you want to order
    you will be getting the complete notification as soon as new things are added
    upon. You can check out where they are, and you can also view the user profile.
  • You can, later on,
    send with some friendly message requesting on top of the listing.
  • Lastly can do the
    sharing at some fantastic place and at the right time.



Sharing Anything Online is Easier Than Ever!


Easy Logging

You will not need to Sing up filling forms of information. Google and Facebook will be sign you in directly securely.

Capture & Publish

Capture what you want to donate for free. Either its a eatable food item or anything like furniture or a perfume.

Get Requests

Get requests from people around you that needy. Communicate with them and deliver 

Search & Scroll

Search, filter or go through the list of food or items for free nearby.


Request for the food or non food items. Communicate with the donor and find the location of the item.

Receive the item

Meet the donor and receive the item. 







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