10 Ways To Avoid Wastage Of Food: How To Reduce Waste Effectively?

How To Reduce Waste Effectively?

Food waste is one of the biggest problems, and we have to realize it seriously. One-Third of the food produced in this world is wasted or discarded for many reasons. This is equating to 1.3 billion tons every year. Industrialized countries waste more food as compared to developing nations. Food waste doesn’t waste our money only; the discarded food is led to the landfill sites where it produces hazardous methane gas. Methane is the most common greenhouse gas, and you are changing the climate by your food waste in the form of methane gas.

Food waste also includes a big amount of water, too. According to the World Resources Institute report, 25 % of all the water that is used for agriculture is lost through food wastage. That is equal to 170 trillion liters (45 trillion gallons). 

Although the numbers we’ve mentioned above may seem overwhelming, you can reduce food wastage by good practices. There are many food waste solutions to avoid wastage of food. Let’s take a look at 10 ways to avoid wastage of food and how to reduce this harmful practice by some easy steps.


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10 Best Ways To Avoid Wastage Of Food u0026amp; Solutions

10 ways to avoid wastage of food and stop hunger
Stop Hunger Now

1. Share With Others

The best way to reduce food wastage is to share your extra and leftover food with others. There are many apps available like Dansal, which allow you to upload your extra food pictures and needy, and poor people will find the food and take it from you. Dansal is a great app and among one of the best food waste solutions available for you and needy people. Sharing your food with poor people give you peace of mind and helping others will come back to you in a positive way. Dansal app ranks among the top 10 ways to avoid wastage of food.

Share your food with others with dansal app
Share your food photos

2. Shop Smart

Most of us tend to buy extra food than we need. Though buying extra food may be convenient, research has shown your shopping method leads to more food waste. If you want to avoid buying extra food than your needs, try to make frequent trips and only buy needed food items from the grocery store. Additionally, make a list of important items you need and stick to that list when buying food items. This will definitely help you reduce impulse buying and cut food wastage. But if you have food wastage or extra food, you can share it with poor people with the help of the Dansal app. There are many food waste solutions available, but the Dansal app is easy to use, and it’s very user-friendly too. So share extra food and make others happy.

3. Store Food Correctly

Wrong storage always leads to a big amount of food wastage. The Natural Defense Council says that the two-third of household wastage is due to food spoilage. Many folks are unsure about how to store vegetables and fruits correctly; it can lead to rotten, premature ripening. For instance, tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, garlic, and onions should never have refrigerated. Always keep these types of items at room temperature. Foods that produce more ethylene gas should be kept separately to reduce food spoilage. The ethylene promotes ripening and leads to spoilage. If you still have extra food, you can share it with someone who needs it with the help of the Dansal app. 

Store Food Correctly

4. Learn to Preserve

Preservation of food is a good way to avoid wastage of food. Drying, pickling, freezing, fermenting, and curing is good methods to store your food, also reduce food wastage. For example, you can make use of excess ripe apples and turn into the sauce or fresh pickle carrots to preserve them for a long time. These methods save your money and shrink carbon footprint too. Preservation of food is a very simple and fun thing you can do to reduce food wastage.

5. Save Leftover

Leftover food is not for wasting every time. Although most people save their excess food for meals, they often forget in the fridge and tossed when it is wasted. Store leftover food in an airtight and transparent container, so you never forget it and waste your food. If you want to avoid food wastage, designate a day for leftovers, and eat leftover food that day. This technique saves money and time.

Save left over food
Save leftover food

6. Get Creative

Another way to avoid food wastage is to get creative in the kitchen. You can tweak some recipes like adding new ingredients and flavors. You can add the leftover food parts and do experiments with the leftover food to cook something new. This is a good way to cut down food wastage.

7. Pack Your Lunch

Packing your lunch is a good way to save money and reduce carbon footprints by taking it with you. Grabbing our favorite food from the restaurant is enjoyable, but it is costly and also contributes to food waste. Packing your lunch is a good way to save money and reduce food wastage in this world.

8. Compost Food

One of the best 10 ways to avoid wastage of food. Composting food waste is very beneficial to reuse food waste and turn it into energy for plants. There is a wide range of composting systems available that can make composting easy for everyone. An outdoor composter is good for you if you have a large garden. Compositing is a very good way to reduce food wastage and grow plants free of cost.

Compost Windfall Autumn Apple

9. Understand Expiry Dates

When you buy food items, always try to buy items with long expiry dates. Learn to read labels properly. Food items having short expiry dates are a big reason behind the food wastage. Most of the foods are still safe to eat after the expiry date for a few days. Always try to understand expiry dates and use foods that are nearly to expire or expired before a day or two. Never do it without the recommendation of nutrition. 

10. Get Friendly with Freezer

Freezing your food is one of the easiest ways to preserve it; there is a long list of foods that can be freeze safely. You can freeze your leftover foods to avoid food wastage. Freezing your food is also a great way to store your food healthily and safely. 


There is a big list of ways to reduce food wastage, recycle or reuse your food waste. I hope you’ll now have 10 ways to avoid wastage of food. With a slight amount of effort, it is easy to cut down food wastage dramatically. Apps like Dansal are great ways to help others and reduce food waste from this planet. Our little effort can save this planet from food wastage and save money and time of all.

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